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~I use traditional media to do sketches, full-colored pieces with BGs, and other such art. I love to tell stories in/along with my art, Ponderance , has an example of my mused little writings...

I live in Tampa, Florida, and have a nice classic 9MP Canon PowerShot SX110 IS with 10x optical zoom, so that along with my supposed "shooting talents" usually make my photographic opportunities rather spectacular, according to everyone I hear from. {o.=.o}' *shrugs*

I snap pics wherever I go, whether it be the evening sky or a beach trip(where I often make sand sculptures that I keep forgetting to take pics of >w<) or fishing off a pier or the trail around the lake in my 'backyard', and my dad is a part of the PCA(Porsche Club of America), so definitely-not-richyrich me gets dragged into all these cool little ritzy car shows every once and a while... Yes, I have a folder dedicated to that. :D


:iconmylittleninja: :icontoxic-mario: :iconshyguy1992: :iconmarillad: :iconthedragonessdinoness: :iconkopakoakuzu: :iconsinead: :iconmythril-98: :iconwater-pokemon-master: :iconsasuke115: :iconsoulful-purple-wolf: :iconspartan049820: :iconmelnocturne: :iconmysticspiritwolf:



I was the rugged islander themed Pokemon trainer (thatwastotallytrippinsomeballslololol) on Friday, and the regal and stately version of Changeling Queen Chrysalis for Saturday and Sunday. The one with the wings not the fashion-y gal that was at the epic Pony shoot that I missed. q-q

So far:
Here's me vidbombing:…
Oh here's me all blurry and far away and not facing the right way for anyone to see all the majorly important details:…
So. I don't have any good pics of my own handmade cosplay. If you have any with me in it please, please let me know!


I've officially moved to facebook for my internet shenanigans, though I will post photography here if it suits my purpose.…

Pony page for RP and random or adventurous fun:…

Multi-versal Transformers RP page for entertaining or plot related/serious fun:…

I do non-godmode (or both-godmode. Lots of fun.) fighting RPs with both. I am a writer with over a decade in the various aspects of story building and editting, count on me for quality plot and/or intriguing world expansion. If you want quality plot. ;D Or ADD silliness. Whichever you prefer. Drop me a post and let's chat! :D
  • Listening to: Silence~
  • Reading: ovo Writing. Always writing.
  • Watching: Anime I should have seen years ago.
  • Playing: 3DS: Pokemon White: Have yet to finish...
  • Eating: Spartan's teriyaki beef jerky. Nom! =W=
  • Drinking: WARM Arizona green tea with ginseng and honey~


You are as you do. :3
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." -Supposedly Eleanor Roosevelt
[I'm dead serious, walk into class/the office/etc one day and just listen.. The results will surprise you.]

"All thoughts are worth listening to, whether later judged to be of value or not." -Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create." ~Albert Einstein

"We are the proud parents of a child who has resisted his teacher's attempts to break his spirit and bend him to the will of his corporate masters" ~George Carlin

~I joined DA to share my appreciation for art and whatnot with like-minded people.

"The flamingos are watching you." -Me :iconstamp1plz::iconstamp2plz:

:iconrealityruinsmylife1::iconrealityruinsmylife2: DAILY.
:iconfavnrun1plz::iconfavnrun2plz: ..So I have time to appreciate others' art too. :E
:iconkakaplz::iconshiplz: <3 Kakashi-sensei~
:iconportalstamp1::iconportalstamp2: PROUD TO HAVE DEFEATED PORTAL IN SIX HOURS FLAT! HA!~:iconmemnoch08:
:iconproudtobegeek1plz::iconproudtobegeek2plz: I was my middle/highschool's go-to girl for troubleshooting anything that could be plugged into the wall or computer. -.-'
Even the teachers called for me to fix the printers and computer 'issues.'(="Hello.. *rollseyes* The volume was muted. Why didn't you check that first?!" *cue 40th facepalm of the day. Dead serious. Multiple times a freaking day.*)

And may the truth be told...
:icondeidplz::iconaraplz: <~Now if only I could draw explosions and had one of those drawing tablets of awesome... One can only dream.
They're friends and you know it. <.< People who have had to deal with each other's guts for so long often tend to bond in some form.(They spent..what was it? 8 MONTHS or something doing D-ranks alone! Seriously!*rolls eyes* People with siblings should get where I'm coming from here)
:iconkakaplz::iconshiplz: Because the laidback(LAZY!!>o<) 'big brother' dude -figure of the pack is full of awesome. No argument there.
Even though he's built upon cliches and a kind of stereotype, he really is the freakin' coolest new character to be introduced. XD He makes me, really laugh.. don't ask. (And this is coming from someone who despises 'rap' as music. As opposed to just being an art form, or artistic expression of words by a certain subculture...)
Proof of his
:iconnaruhinastamp1::iconnaruhinastamp2: ,3 Kishimoto hints it blatantly. ..And I have, ahem, "Kishimoto senses", as a couple people have dubbed it, to predict things and what he has in his head from unused plot pieces and references earlier in the story... So, besides my expert opinion in the experience of dealing with non-socially inclined people/fellow girls, I firmly believe that all signs point to yes.
:iconsakusasustamp1::iconsakusasustamp2: It's nice to discover a really well done SasuSaku for once, the majority are crap and too similar--we all know that, but.. if Sakura really does 'pick'/get a guy by the end of the series, it will probably be hinted that it would be our beloved*sarcasm* tengu-butt-haired brat, who quite blatantly has serious, seriiioouuus issues. He'd need to be a broken man before he'd ever think of settling down with/'picking' a woman. xP

:iconlilnaruto1::iconlilnaruto2: Because he was an adorable kid.. for a mischievous BOY lol *It's not like girls aren't capable of that ;]*
:iconprincesssasuke1::iconprincesssasuke2: >XD *gigglesnickerrotflols in my big CEO-like comp chair* ..He's as prissy as one lolzabillion

Because I'm notorious for starting Caramelldansens in MetroCon every year. *nods* >x3
Oh, and Pokemon = ~<3

Because. I've never been and will never be a morning person. Trust me on this... :p

:iconthink1plz::iconthink2plz: YET. <.<' My brain never actually stops.. in a way. I'm a totally lucid dreamer. Always have been. ..Now if only they would frickin' make some SHRED of SENSE! >xD
:iconirefusestamp1plz::iconirefusestamp2plz: I don't CARE that the creepy fankiddies have taken over the true fandom. Or how 'majorly weird' the series is getting now. I see what Japanese symbolism in literally EVERYTHING and the themes he's using, and he's got a little ways to go before setting up the ending stuff before the series ends....

:iconitalktomyself1::iconitalktomyself2: Kinda of.. ~.~'

:iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz::iconfalconpunchplz: MAH ANGRA F4CE! (lol '{^.=.^}' So true..I whoop men when I'm angry.)

:iconquestionstampplz::iconquestionstampplz2: ADD. I ALWAYS wonder.. passing thoughts I don't actually listen to are included.

:iconstealfav1::iconstealfav2: Because some people have the awesomest junk in their Fav gallery!


..I like dogs's just that you can't search for plz accounts so I haven't found one! Heck, I <3 all animals. '{~.=.~}'


:iconcoconutstampplz::iconcoconutstampplz2: ...Is it..? *clueless about that xD Seriously. I am*


I support everything up until before the Mystery Dungeons stuff thaa is all the same in gameplay, and this 'HeartGold/SoulSilver nonsense. T-T I remember when Red/Blue,then Yellow came out and got so popular. THEN the true Gold and Silver followed suit. *nods* These remakes have nearly nothing accomplished for the games to make them GOOD remakes of a game.(And, trust me, I've played my fair share of games in my life.)
..Though I find that the PokeWalker is a concept of uberness... But not nearly enough to redeem anything TT-TT
Why hath Pokemon gone so downhill?! (The 5th gen Pokemon are following in the footsteps of the Almia game--that is, they're making them (less COOL) more appealing to a younger, newer crowd, which means that it just kills it for the original fans...
Sorry, but I just had to state my opinion here. :]

'Nuff said.
I <3 a lot more Pokemon than this, it's just that it's hard to find plz-stamps (I don't have a sub, obviously...) :sweat:


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